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High school pages (grey)

Sale price$45.00


From first-day jitters to the bittersweet farewells of graduation day, high school can be a magical time.

Document your child's journey from tween to young adult.

High School Pages cover:
 - 6 years of High School

Each year has space for:
• Goals and hopes for the year ahead
• First Day and Last Day photos placed side-by-side so you can see how much your child has changed in a single school year
• Class photo page
• Photo collage page
• Questions to ask every year
• Pocket to hold keepsakes
• Stickers (for your State) to label each school year

High school pages are the perfect addition to your School Memory Book

      grey high school pack labelled
      High school pages (grey) Sale price$45.00
      High School Pages feature:
      • Sections for all high school years (6 years of school)
      • 24 sturdy, acid free card stock pages
      • 6 durable keepsake pockets (one for each year)
      • Stickers for your State to label each high school year

      • Actual size: 31cm x 23cm
      • Weight: 385g
      Complete your child's School Memory Book - Capture the Primary and High School Years together in one binder or separately, the choice is yours.

      Matches the Primary School Pages - Complete your School Memory book seamlessly.

      Exceptional quality - Each card is made from thick, acid free card stock making it durable and long lasting.
      Are stickers supplied to label each school year?
      • Yes! We supply you with stickers for your State.

      I want to store more photos. Can I get more photo pages?
      • Absolutely. Extra Photo Pages come in packs of 8.